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Jason Whittaker Astounded After Finding An Old Cassette Of His Father Rapping

ODYSSEY, USA – Today, Jason Whittaker was going through some old boxes at his father’s shop “Whit’s End.” He was cleaning out some storage rooms to make space for future inventions at the establishment.

As he searched through boxes, he found an old cassette labeled “December 5, 1987.” Jason found a cassette player in another box and decided to listen to it. He inserted the cassette into the player and turned it on. The sounds the proceeded from the player will scar Jason’s ears for years to come. “Okay kids! Put your hands together!” Jason cringed with every molecule in his body, but he couldn’t stop listening. As the tape continued, he heard his father join in “I believe I will! God can take someone who’s lost in sin and make their life brand new again! But how they gonna know new life is great? If Christians like us don’t communicate! Communicate! Just open up your heart and communicate! We gotta share the Gospel before it’s too late and the best way to do it is communicate!” After hearing his father attempting to rap, Jason promptly passed out.

Jason Whittaker is in stable condition now, but Dr. Graham reports that he will have permanent brain damage after hearing those sounds.


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