Featured Post: As Buck Would Have It, Part 1- The Last 10 Years Don’t Matter

Don begins cracking away at the first part of Album 72’s “As Buck Would Have It”, and lists his annoyances with the episode.

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News Flash: AIO’s not being beaten to the punch.

News this week: AIO album image and name released It happens every year, someone (usually Polehaus53) finds from some obscure place (usually Christianbook or Amazon) that a new album is being released, the title and image. It’s syndicated all over the fan community as news, there’s no secret, and we all speculate what it contains.Continue reading “News Flash: AIO’s not being beaten to the punch.”

10k. Yes!

So… remember that time I was so elated because I got 500 views after the blog was up for 2 weeks and I said “I want to thank everyone who helped the blog get this far in only a couple months, and I plan to run for many years more.” *cringe* Well 1 1/2 yearsContinue reading “10k. Yes!”


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This blog serves to inform, entertain, and is all about Adventures in Odyssey. It will be a pointer to Christ in everything it does. It will serve as a community for other bloggers and fans everywhere. Although it is comedy, it will never insult, condone behavior inconsistent with the Bible, or at anytime attack corporations and/or people, indulge in political discussions, or discuss any writers views other than topics discussed on said show. It will be a safe place.

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