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The latest monumental announcement from Adventures in Odyssey heard first here from AIO Writer’s Block.

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Op-Ed: My thoughts on an animated AIO.

I wanted to keep the news part of this strictly news, so there weren’t really analytics or feedback from me. By now, each and every person reading this article has seen the news I broke not two days ago. Since I’ve been so consumed by the hype, and the aforementioned reason, I haven’t yet said…

EXCLUSIVE: Adventures in Odyssey releasing new animated series

It’s finally time for a solid post! And not satire, but a perfect scoop of news. “What is this news” you, the imagined reader, may be asking. Well, let’s break it down. Adventures in Odyssey, according to the Focus Times (a newspaper published by FotF and found in their bookstore, is currently producing a brand…


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