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Actually, Odyssey’s not in Ohio

NOT OHIO- Interviews with Focus on the Family revealed that Odyssey is not anywhere close to Ohio and that fans please stop associating them with that state. According to Odyssey mayor Hicks, “We no longer want our beautiful town to be connected with Ohioans any longer. While we are honored that outsiders would believe thisContinue reading “Actually, Odyssey’s not in Ohio”

Op-Ed: My thoughts on an animated AIO.

I wanted to keep the news part of this strictly news, so there weren’t really analytics or feedback from me. By now, each and every person reading this article has seen the news I broke not two days ago. Since I’ve been so consumed by the hype, and the aforementioned reason, I haven’t yet saidContinue reading “Op-Ed: My thoughts on an animated AIO.”

EXCLUSIVE: Adventures in Odyssey releasing new animated series

It’s finally time for a solid post! And not satire, but a perfect scoop of news. “What is this news” you, the imagined reader, may be asking. Well, let’s break it down. Adventures in Odyssey, according to the Focus Times (a newspaper published by FotF and found in their bookstore, is currently producing a brandContinue reading “EXCLUSIVE: Adventures in Odyssey releasing new animated series”

Another anniversary, I guess?

I’m almost entirely sure that one of my New Year Resolutions for 2022 was to ‘post more,’ and boy, what a joke that was. This goes on record as our most underperforming year in content and content viewership, but it didn’t go without a few noticeable successes. Today marks the second anniversary of AIO Writer’sContinue reading “Another anniversary, I guess?”

Company with app that doesn’t work mad when people share content outside of it*

COLORADO- A corporation came under fire last week after users were banned from social media platforms when they disclosed they had bootlegged episodes off the broken application. Fans’ defense was that the app was broken and they could not use it. PR team’s had this to say in response: I can’t believe fans would subvertContinue reading “Company with app that doesn’t work mad when people share content outside of it*”

November Odyssey Content

Let me start off by saying how sorry I am for failing to come through on this blog’s anniversary last month, but it’s been a busy month and really a busy year, so I haven’t had time to deliver on posts like I should. Anyway, it’s all in the past now, and it’s time forContinue reading “November Odyssey Content”

Whit Cheerfully looks at the Events of the World While Saying, “that kind of thing never happens in Odyssey!”

WHIT’S HOUSE- Whit took a look at the shopping mall televisions while downtown shopping at the mall after another near death experience involving innocent civilians and children when he saw all the terrible news out in the world. He stopped for a while, then carried on nonchalantly. This afternoon, he was asked on the radioContinue reading “Whit Cheerfully looks at the Events of the World While Saying, “that kind of thing never happens in Odyssey!””

News Flash: AIO’s not being beaten to the punch.

News this week: AIO album image and name released It happens every year, someone (usually Polehaus53) finds from some obscure place (usually Christianbook or Amazon) that a new album is being released, the title and image. It’s syndicated all over the fan community as news, there’s no secret, and we all speculate what it contains.Continue reading “News Flash: AIO’s not being beaten to the punch.”