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The Tops of AWB

This week is anniversary week! Which means throwbacks and throw cushions. Today, I’ll stop and take some time to brag about this place and the people who keep it going by sharing a little info from my stats page. And now, AIO Writer’s Block’s top numbers!

Top Post: 13 Reasons Jillian Marshall is the worst person in the world (with John Tuttle III) [censored edition] Since May 2021 this post is nearing 200 views! Wow! Runners up are Why “Jillson” is LITERALLY the Worst Ship Ever (with John Tuttle III) and Unrelatable-Reaction

Highest ever view count: 186 views. This also was in May. It was achieved on May 2, the day after AWB’s first post with John was released.

Highest monthly view count: September 2021. Nearly a thousand! Woah! Runner up: June 2021.

Top Commenter: theperilouspen13 with 37 comments and counting. This number surpasses even me!

Top Country: The US. Second and third are Angola and Canada, with Thailand coming not far behind.

A major referer (apart from the WordPress reader) has been my Instagram audience! Thanks to all of you over there as well!

Top Author: (besides myself): John Tuttle III! Great job!

Top SONN Post: Rydell Children: “We were playing games”!

Top Let’s Talk About: Let’s Talk About Relationships: Connie and Jules

This blog’s overall most successful post has been 13 Reasons Jillian Marshall is the worst person in the world (with John Tuttle III) [censored edition]. Later, today, in honor of this, look for a special on these.

Credit partially goes to Jay from Adventures in Opinions, who’s anniversary is also approaching, if you can believe it. 17.21


Published by Donald Treply

Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

6 thoughts on “The Tops of AWB

  1. Congrats!!!! Wow, you’ve done such a good job with your blog, and I can’t wait to see where you go with it in the future!! ha😂 yes, I love how my shout-out is that I talk a lot 😂😂(I think it really represents me 😂) Congrats again! 🖤

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