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10 reasons Jillian is the best character

We roast Jillian a lot on this blog, and I believe it’s time we realized what a great character she is, don’t you? Even if she’s not the best, she’s wildly misunderstood. Here are ten reasons Jillian should be your favorite character, too! She donated blood– What a great person! She should definitely be creditedContinue reading “10 reasons Jillian is the best character”

Seasons Greetings, Odyssey Episodes

As so many holidays are on the horizon, I thought it would be a good idea to have the best episodes for this time of year in a nice little list. You can refer to this when you want to listen to a seasonal episode or have a listening party! If you believe other episodesContinue reading “Seasons Greetings, Odyssey Episodes”

20 Reasons Jillian is the Worst Person in the World (with John Tuttle III

[Unredacted but still edited!] For the less sensitive. I’m warning you! If you’re offended by jokes like these then leave!

The Tops of AWB

This week is anniversary week! Which means throwbacks and throw cushions. Today, I’ll stop and take some time to brag about this place and the people who keep it going by sharing a little info from my stats page. And now, AIO Writer’s Block’s top numbers! Top Post: 13 Reasons Jillian Marshall is the worstContinue reading “The Tops of AWB”

Things Only AIO Fans Understand, Part 3

“I Slap Floor” “The Parental Warning thrill” “‘What did you name your child?’ ‘Mabel.’ “Why screaming, ‘Nobody tells me anything!’ is funny.” The feeling you get when a new album releases Thanks for reading! Credit goes to all the Instagram users who gave their ideas! 14.31 See ya next time!

The Saddest Episodes.

That’s enough mystery, depth, and comedy for one month. Onion’s come to make you cry. Here are the top saddest episodes. Get out your tissues guys, this one’s gonna bring tears to your face. 5. And The Glory Dealing with the subject of the death of an unborn child, this episode really hits hard. TheContinue reading “The Saddest Episodes.”

Top Five Scariest Episodes

Many episodes are on either side of the scale, comical or frightening. The one that aren’t… are called sad. Here is a collection of some of the scariest episodes, at least in my opinion. I’ll give a scariness rating out of 10 along with the scariest part. Take into consideration that the scariest things toContinue reading “Top Five Scariest Episodes”

Why “Jillson” is LITERALLY the Worst Ship Ever (with John Tuttle III)

Don’t worry, we won’t offend the masses with this one! Enjoy these reasons Jillson is a very bad idea. We hope you agree. 1. Jason is mature 2. Jillian is not 3 . “Jillian” and “mature” do not belong in a sentence together 4. Jason follows the law 6. Jillian finds ways around the lawContinue reading “Why “Jillson” is LITERALLY the Worst Ship Ever (with John Tuttle III)”

Let’s Talk About Families: The Perkins

Well, that shook things up didn’t it? Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these; and it feels good to get into it again. On today’s Let’s Talk About, we have a new edition: Families. Intro music! Oh, right. I really need to make a podcast. The Perkins arrived in OdysseyContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Families: The Perkins”

Top Ten Funniest Episodes

I know there are so many funny lines and episodes in the 32-year, 900 episode period AIO has been running, so if you have any others, feel free to leave a comment or two. There might just make a part 2 made from your comments! 10. A Perfect Testimony (Club Season Five) “God can useContinue reading “Top Ten Funniest Episodes”