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Sew on and Snow Forth Reaction

Today (0r yesterday, depending on when you’re reading this), the newest installment of the Snow Series was released. The Snow Series, of course, is the four-part Club episode saga, if you will, with interwoven stories about a snowstorm that takes Odyssey by storm. In case you forgot how reactions work (I mean, not like it’s been 9 months since I’ve done on or something), I’ve placed my commentary below in Welcome to Odyssey fashion, with a short review at the end. Ready? Begin!

  • Isn’t it great to hear a new episode?
  • Nice to hear Whit for once
  • Wilson always sounds like he’s giving a sermon
  • Wait- Deloris who???
  • Okay so… that scene was weird.
  • Another mention of Tom. Ah, memories. 😔 Also, why exactly? We’re not getting another hoedown are we. Ughhh
  • They’re betting? Whaaaa
  • What the heyday? Horus sounds like an increasingly strange man every minute he’s mentioned.
  • Pork chops? Like pork…rinds? I’m way to invested in this Rathbone thing.
  • Penny’s mom is here? Why?
  • Wise words, Mrs. Wise.
  • Wow, what a sly dog you are, Wilson. Morrie could learn a lot from you.
  • How was Penny raised by Mrs. Wise and still acts like a kid?
  • Woah, Whit, cool it! Sick burn!
  • Oh doug, I almost forgot about the Snow series. Guess that’s important.
  • Good for you, Wilson. Also, for shame for proving Morrie right. What a guy. And what a Phil Lollar thing to do.

This episode was… decent. It’s not exactly the greatest thing, and I definitely liked last month’s better. I felt a little more heart-to-heart with kids helping out their parents than an old mom’s club (No offense, Facebook groups). The music seemed a little flat as well (pun definitely not intended). As a part of the Snow Series, it should have had a little more influence in the arc, as I’m sure it will, but this really didn’t have the impact I felt it should have. It was a lot of weirdness and I hope it leads somewhere because as I always say, We are running out of episode disk space. Between series and Club episodes we can’t really dwell on how much colors Horus should wear. Phil Lollar still with the whole manipulation thing feels unnecessary as well. I did like seeing Whit and Wilson being friends again, that’s always nice. The Rathbone reference is pretty cool, too. Moral was okay, Mrs. Wise trying to play peacemaker was a nice touch. All in all, a strange, but ultimately okay episode. Anyway…

This is Don, reminding you to stay tuned!


Published by Donald Treply

Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

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