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Alrighty, time for another reaction. Let’s get started.

  • It seems like Candid Conversations’ music changes every time it’s on air. Now it changed back to before The Ties that Bind. Just an observation.
  • Why is the caller so angry? In the Inspiration Station, it sounded like every kid in Odyssey knew Connie had become a better person.
  • Ah, that classic Wooton humor. Get’s me every time.
  • What’s up with Jillian thinking everyone is cute? I know I said I didn’t like her with Jason, but I don’t like her with a fire alarm either. Stay with Jason, okay?
  • Jeremy likes someone? I didn’t know it was that kind of episode. Oh. It’s not.
  • More Wooton humor. I’m lovin’ it.
  • Wow, everyone is giving Connie the silent treatment.
  • Ha Ha! An admirer! Let me just add that to my list. Let’s see here, Jeff, Jason, Judah, and Spencer? Is that with and “e” or an “o”?
  • Thank you Spencer for saving the day!
  • Of course, Jason interrupting a show with a mystery. Relatable, huh?
  • Great. First Connie’s car is stolen, now a guy is stealing cars.
  • What a bombshell.
  • Okay, this is a mystery. I think I heard him driving, entering a building, and now, sawing?
  • I never thought Connie could be so subtle.
  • The guy’s story is kinda sad.
  • He broke into her house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fire alarm’s voice is pretty soothing though.
  • Don’t forget, when Connie was in high school, this was her mother’s house. He may not know he’s breaking in to her house at all. Or he does know and that’s why he called.
  • So he did know. Well, good for you, Connie, and other guy (I forgot his real name)
  • Comedy relief. Haha.
  • Woah is right.
  • Almost like a horror story, Wooton (if I watched horror stories, that is).
  • The first time Candid Conversations was actually 25-minutes instead of five.

In conclusion…So, what did I think of this? It was freaky, to say the least. Adventures in Odyssey is a little like Pixar. The bring about creative ways to show lessons that you’ve heard again and again. This episode reflects that. Jesus can help you turn your life around, and to some people, that just seems mundane and boring. If people think that you’re weird or don’t fit in, you just show them the influence that He, and good, healthy friends can have in your life. The actual episode was good. I liked trying to solve the mystery and put pieces together. That last scene with Connie pleading with the guy to change his ways was well-done. I liked all the humor sprinkled around as well. And for a remotly recorded episode, it sounded normal. Good job, Odyssey team. Well, that’s my reaction to Unrelatable. Anyway:

I’m Joshua from AIO Writer’s Block. See ya next time!


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Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

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