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Jillian Marshall Revealed To Be A Huge Joyce Meyer Fan

ODYSSEY, USA – Today Connie Kendall and her sister Jules arrived home early from their morning service at Odyssey Community Church. They were shocked at what they saw when they walked in the door.

The two Kendall sisters walked through the door and surprised their roommate. Jillian Marshall leapt from her place on the couch frantically looking for the remote. When she couldn’t find the remote, she gestured at the television saying “Oh, it’s nothing. I must have accidentally switched the channels.”

What was on the television horrified Connie and Jules. It was a scary looking woman who appeared to be wearing clown makeup on her face. This woman claimed to be a “pastor,” but her so called “preaching” revealed her to be a charlatan and a false teacher who was nothing more than a motivational speaker.

A horrifying voice came from the speakers “say it with me! ‘I am powerful’ ‘I am a conqueror’ ‘I can do it’ ‘I am enough!'” As Connie and Jules looked on, Jillian started whispering “I am powerful, I am a conqueror, I can do it, I am enough.” Connie muttered to herself “well this explains a lot” and shook her head in disappointment.


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