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Jillian Marshall Revealed To Be A Huge Joyce Meyer Fan

ODYSSEY, USA – Today Connie Kendall and her sister Jules arrived home early from their morning service at Odyssey Community Church. They were shocked at what they saw when they walked in the door. The two Kendall sisters walked through the door and surprised their roommate. Jillian Marshall leapt from her place on the couchContinue reading “Jillian Marshall Revealed To Be A Huge Joyce Meyer Fan”

Jillian Marshall Attempts To Put Candles On The Christmas Tree, Burns Down House

ODYSSEY, USA – Today, firefighters were called to Kendall residence after a fire started there. The firefighters worked hard to put out the blaze, but it had already spread too fast, and the house was gutted. In the evening, a resident at the house named Jillian Marshall was home alone decorating the tree. She gaveContinue reading “Jillian Marshall Attempts To Put Candles On The Christmas Tree, Burns Down House”

Jillian Marshall Hangs Mistletoe In J & J Antiques And Gestures Suggestively Towards It

ODYSSEY, USA – Today at J & J Antiques in Odyssey, Jillian Marshall halted her work to hang some mistletoe from the ceiling of the shop. She did this while her boss, Jason Whittaker, was out making deliveries for the business. When Whittaker returned from the shop, he walked into the room and saw JillianContinue reading “Jillian Marshall Hangs Mistletoe In J & J Antiques And Gestures Suggestively Towards It”

Uninformed Odyssey Fan Actually Likes The Video Series

Hope, Arkansas – A self proclaimed fan of Adventures in Odyssey recently came out in support of the Adventures in Odyssey video series. In this seemingly simple statement, she outed herself as totally clueless and ignorant. When faced with the facts of Odyssey and that the video series (although enjoyable for young children) is completeContinue reading “Uninformed Odyssey Fan Actually Likes The Video Series”

20 Reasons Jillian is the Worst Person in the World (with John Tuttle III

[Unredacted but still edited!] For the less sensitive. I’m warning you! If you’re offended by jokes like these then leave!

Club Commenters Place Cardboard J*llian on Donkey

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- As commenters prepared for The Great Day of J*llian, they marched to the entrance of town with a large cardboard cutout of her. They placed her upon a rented donkey and paraded downtown. They even went to the local In-n-Out and took some palm leaves to wave as. It was an incrediblyContinue reading “Club Commenters Place Cardboard J*llian on Donkey”

News and Teasers from the Official Podcast

I know most of you have listened to the latest podcast already, but if you haven’t, or if you want a clear readable outline, here’s a list of all the future Odyssey things revealed or hinted at in the interview with Phil Lollar, Dave Arnold, Marshall Younger, and Kathy Buchanan. Starting with stuff in theContinue reading “News and Teasers from the Official Podcast”