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John Whittaker Goes Back In Time In The Imagination Station To Delete Bethany’s Flood

ODYSSEY, USA – Today, ice cream shop owner John Whittaker went back in time in his time machine to get rid of an episode of popular radio series Adventures in Odyssey.

Whittaker used an invention of his called “the Imagination Station.” He wanted to go back in time to delete episode #444c “Bethany’s Flood.” Whittaker stated, “this episode is a stain on the beautiful tapestry that is Adventures in Odyssey, which has been beautifully woven by Phil Lollar. The mantle is upon me to go erase this embarrassment of an episode from the history of the show.”

As of the publication of this article, John Whittaker returned from the past and the episode still existed. Whittaker is currently in counseling for the horrors he witnessed attempting to delete the episode.


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