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Electric Palace Holds Special Christmas Sale: “Buy Any Item At 200% Normal Price And Get 15% Off An Item Of Equal Or Lesser Value”

ODYSSEY, USA – Local business The Electric Palace is reportedly running a special holiday sale, according to owner Bart Rathbone. They are running the sale from now until December 31st.

Bart Rathbone gave us all the details on this special offer “Well ya know, I’m really in da Christamus spirit right about now so I figyud I’d spread the love and joy and most of the christamus spirit to all the poor folk of Odyssey!” Dats why I’m running dis exclusive sale fer everyone around! Bring yer friends, family, and even that rich uncle down to de Electric Palace! Our great deal is that whenever you buy one item at 200% da retail price, I’ll give you 15% off any item of equal or lesser value FREE OF CHAWRGE!”

Our mathematicians are still calculating exactly how much this deal could save people during the holiday season, but we are very grateful to Mr. Rathbone for his generosity and kindness during this giving season.


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