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Arthur Dent Opens New Baked Goods Shop In Odyssey

ODYSSEY, USA – Arthur Dent was recently released from the Hillendale Haven. He has resided there for many years following the Novacom incident.

His doctors reported that he needed much therapy after he suffered electroshock torture at the hands of one Bennett Charles. His doctors, however, reported that he is very well adjusted, despite the trauma he went through.

John Whittaker has been helping Dent through this time of transition. After the move from Hillendale, Dent had the idea to start a small business in Odyssey selling baked goods along with his special line of muffins. It will be named “Dent’s Delicacies.” He will be having a grand opening of his shop in 3 days at 14th and Harper.

Whenever people enter his shop, his first question will undoubtedly be “would you like a muffin?”


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