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Bart Rathbone Announces His Run For Mayor Of Odyssey In Next Election 15 Minutes After Conceding Last Election

ODYSSEY, USA – Bart Rathbone just conceded the election to current mayor Spencer Hicks. Shortly after, he announced his run for Mayor in two years, after the term was up.

“Odyssey needs a leader with some self-respect. I am da man with that respect for uhh, friends, family, and countryfellow. So I am officially throwin’ my ring in da hat for the race. Some may say I’m announcing this too early, but I always say the early worm gets the two birds in the bush. So that’s why we– RODNEY GET OVER HERE AND MAKE SURE THE BATTERY ISN’T GONNA RUN OUT– sorry ladies and gentlemans, back to the speech. That is uhh, why I’m announcin’ my run for Odyssey mayor. We need new leadership in this dying town.”

No reporters showed up to his “press conference,” however, he sent tapes of the announcement to every local station including ours.


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