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Jimmy and Donna Forget Last Year, This Time Burn Down Entire House

ODYSSEY, USA- A few days ago, Jimmy and Donna Barclay once again found themselves in a predicament of sickly proportions. With their two parents sick with the coronavirus, they forgot the instructions to go to the Jacob’s house and decided to try their hand at Thanksgiving dinner. Despite Jimmy’s insistance that they just forget tradition and order pizza, Donna said, “It couldn’t be that hard.” Famous last words. Their parents woke up outside of the house to find their house being hosed down by very concerned firefighters. We spoke with the two rambunticious kids about their arsony.

Jimmy expressly stated over and over, “It’s Donna’s fault I tell ya! Donna’s”

Jimmy, according to Donna, tried to stuff the turkey in the microwave before burning the TV when Oscar came over. The bathtub was completely melted by a cleaning compound Eugene Meltsner sent as well. It was a disaster. Both accounts sound extremely familiar, though. It wasn’t as bad as another case this week, when two kids trapped a girl in an escape room as she and her best friend desperately tried to escape.

In other news, two new Odyssey episodes are on the way about Jimmy and Donna. According to the writers, these news reports are “interesting plot points and would make great episodes.” For SONN, I’m Don Treply.


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