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Uninformed Odyssey Fan Actually Likes The Video Series

Hope, Arkansas – A self proclaimed fan of Adventures in Odyssey recently came out in support of the Adventures in Odyssey video series. In this seemingly simple statement, she outed herself as totally clueless and ignorant.

When faced with the facts of Odyssey and that the video series (although enjoyable for young children) is complete heresy and blasphemy, she responded with “Hey now, you slamming the video series? Shame on you.”

Further outing herself as the classic naive fan of Odyssey she said “I will defend them with my cardboard wrapping paper tube. Beware.” Such a statement threatens violence against those who disagree with her. Although we know the Odyssey video series is not great, we would never threaten violence against the other side (if that tells you anything about her character).

We do not yet have confirmation, but we surmise from her position on this important issue, she is also a Jillian/Jason shipper.


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