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Let’s Talk About Characters: Jason

From the studio that brought you Death by a Station, to the incredible suspense of The Undercover Man and everything in between, comes the thrill, the chill, and the awful alternate future: Nightmares by Jillian. Starring Jason Whittaker, Double-L Jillian, and all their friends; and their enemies. Coming to a radio near you. This trailer was brought to you by Terrible Endings studios.

ANYWAY…out of my movie trailer voice, now. So for any of you that are wondering, no, I’m not for the current path Jillson, or whatever it’s called, is taking. Yeah, it would be funny, but there shouldn’t be relationships in Odyssey just for their comedic potential. It didn’t happen to Wooton, it’s not gonna happen to Jason either. What we need is someone with the laughs of Jillian, the caring of Connie, and the get-it-done mode of Tasha. Or we could just have Jillian be a little more serious about life in general. But we’re not talking about who Jason should marry today. We’re talking about Jason himself. So buckle in for a Let’s Talk About about the son of the main character of Odyssey, Jason Whittaker.

So when Jason first arrived on the show, he was Whit’s son. And that’s pretty much it.

No! Absolutely not. In fact, Jason is a prime example of how much development a character can have. So let’s try that again. When Jason first arrived on the show, he was Whit’s son. He really did nothing more than say a couple things to Jana, but that one scene when he was talking to Whit (while he was in a coma) was actually pretty good. We actually didn’t see him until a couple years later, in an episode that re-introduced him as a man who was a spy, and was now coming to run Whit’s End. He had been mentioned a couple times before this, but this was his big debut. After that he’s pretty much a normal guy, walking around, fixing things around the shop, and getting into a couple arguments with Jack Allen (which play in later). Until Darkness Darkness before Dawn. In this section of the Blackgaard saga there wasn’t just one protagonist, but Jason and Jack played major roles. Fast forward, and Whit comes home. After this we really see the bond that father and son have developed.

After his season of running Whit’s End, Jason decided to do mission work; a move that would eventually lead him to Alaska and help the people in Odyssey to stop Andromeda and Novacom. After this, we don’t see much of Jason again. His major exit is much like his major entrance, though. A two-parter, Jason-Tasha episode. Only this time his dad and Connie were involved. And we never saw Jason in our mortal realm again.

Until 3 years later if course. This time he didn’t reappear as Jason, but as the infamous Stiletto. He is next seen taking over J&J antiques (and if you went to the live show, asking to be written into the show:) And that’s about it. He still does mission stuff (at least in the Club) and every so often slips back into his spy gig, but for now; that’s were Jason’s going to stay.

As for his character, Jason is an often rash and impulsive man. I mean, if threatening someone that you’re going to throw them in a river or yelling at someone for telling you to get ready to go to someone’s house isn’t rash and impulsive, what is? He also takes his faith seriously, even if he doesn’t always get it right away. I personally believe that Jason would make a great father. He tells great jokes, is protective of people he cares about, and is serious and firm when he wants to be.

So, In conclusion…Jason is a great character, and even if he really is just running an antique shop, he’s a great addition to Odyssey, and I hope he stays. I also hope he gets a wife and kids sometime in the foreseeable future. Like, come on Jason! Anyway:

This concludes another exciting episode of the New Adventures in Odyssey Blog. Hope you enjoyed today’s post. You’re always welcome back for another one.

Note: If you’re wondering what on earth or where on earth the blog was last week, I was just to busy to even update the quote of the day. Finals and stuff. As a matter of fact, this post was originally meant to be on Thursday. So don’t worry, I didn’t go to the moon or anything.


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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Characters: Jason

  1. Great post! We loved how detailed your analysis was as it showed all the different sides of Jason’s character and why we love him so much! Hopefully he gets married soon and has kids because he’d be a wonderful husband and father. Looking forward to your next post!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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