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Let’s Talk About Sagas: The Leonard Melstner Saga

In the Adventures in Odyssey Club, which you should have joined after my compelling speech, a compilation album of the Leonard Melstner saga is now  available. Naturally, I thought, “well I’ll use this as inspiration for a Let’s Talk About and here we are. Cue the theme music! Oh, we don’t have any.

The saga starts when Eugene and his new wife, Katrina, run away from the United States after their failed radio wave study. Because of this, in my mind, everything that happens from Prisoners of Fear to A New Era comes as a direct result of the Novacom saga, and is Eugene’s continuation. After all, there are many mentions of them coming back to Odyssey, first from the department of health, then Africa. But the saga really starts when Eugene starts looking for his family’s history in Last in A Long Line. When he learns that his father’s American name is Leonard, he believes his father might be alive. After returning to Odyssey, he stumbles upon one dead end after another. He even references Last in a Long Line saying, “I researched my family’s history quite extensively a few years ago…” After the saga ends, there are only two albums until the second hiatus.

Why it’s good Bernard’s comedy in Last in a Long Line really helped cheer things up. Prisoners of Fear had one of my two favorite soundtracks (the other being David and Absalom). This saga was able to pull of reunion and amazing character development. Eugene turned from that smart guy at the college to a man who cared about the Ashantis and his father, and wanted to serve the people of Odyssey. Eugene and Katrina’s relationship was strengthened throughout the course of the saga as well. Another reason I like this saga in particular is because it came to it’s peak in 2006, when I was born, and I recently found out that my mother is a real Ashanti as I was listening to the compilation album Of course, every saga has to include some kind of government espionage, so well, yeah.

Why it’s not-so-good The Dalton Kern thing seemed unnecessary. I mean, yeah I guess it was good for the suspense of the plot, but personally, I didn’t like it. Also, I wish Connie was more involved instead of Jason jumping in for three episodes. You’d think after getting Katrina saved, getting Eugene to hug her, and breaking down when Eugene and Katrina eloped, she would be in at least one episode. But it just didn’t happen. Otherwise this was a pretty okay saga.

In conclusion… I don’t consider the Leonard Meltsner saga a “real saga”, like the Blackgaard and Novacom Sagas were. It seems more like the Green Ring Conspiracy was, being the start of more plotlines as it goes. Which brings me to my next and final point. I believe he Leonard Meltsner saga isn’t finished. A New Era didn’t seem complete to me. And Everett didn’t make enough appearances to even become a recurring character. I hope to see the rest of the saga one day. Anyway:

That’s my Regular Night review of The Leonard Meltsner Saga. Goodnight everyone.


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