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Christmas Bells—Reaction

This post is my thoughts and reaction to Album 70’s The Christmas Bells. As I listen, I’ll type down what I think and edit it later. This will be the format of all my Album 70 Reactions. It’ll probably make more sense if you follow along with the episode.

Oh, Triple J Antiques. Haven’t seen that in a while.

Waaait a minute! That line was in the preview!

Jason, what do you mean you wouldn’t interfere with a divine message? Didn’t you try to throw an angel in a lake?

Another music box? We’re singing a version of that song a my church for Christmas Eve!

Ohhhhh, I know were this is headed.

Wow, Wilson’s singing is making me sleepy🥱

Seven Verses!!

Oh, that’s sad. The miscarriage, I mean.

NOOOOOO!! A death already! I’m not even 10 minutes in!

You know, Longfellow reminds me of saying “Paul Revere’s Ride” in Fourth Grade.

More singing!?

Wow. Way to get friend-zoned, Henry.

I’m lovin’ this story so far.

I have to get used to this singing.

Hey! I’m anti-slavery too! We have so much in common😂

No, is Ann going to die too? No! She’s gonna burn the house down! No! She gonna burn Fanny! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

This story just gets sadder and sadder.

Wilson is sounding more and more like Longfellow now.

Great. Two dead and a paralyzed son. I think I might cry.

Yeah Longfellow. Why did this happen! I didn’t have to sit through this miserable episode. I’d give it all up to listen to A Simple Reminder again. No. No. No. No! 😭😭😭

Yes! A miracle! “My God’s Not Dead, He’s surely alive!” Oh wait, he said that in the song.

What! That’s how it ends!? Is this going to be a saga!? Emily’s going to fall into detention? Is Zoey going to fall for Jay? Am I going to fall asleep on my keyboard? I have so many QUESTIONS! Help me!!!!!

In conclusion…So, what did I think of the episode? Well it was nice. I mean it wasn’t too Christmassy. I laughed, but I mostly cried. The most interesting part was the ending. I hope it ties into the Rydell Saga somehow. Maybe Morrie, Suzu, and Emily will fall into a case or a bona-fide mystery or something. I don’t know. Anyway:

Thanks for reading. I’m Joshua, this is The New AIO Blog, and don’t forget to Keep on Thinking.


Published by Donald Treply

Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

One thought on “Christmas Bells—Reaction

  1. So far this album has not disappointed me like last album did. Here’s a brief overview of each episode:

    Jumping Off, Jumping In
    Really good solid episode. I was expecting just another slice-of-life episode, but it was actually quite deeper than that. I also really appreciated the ending, and Bridget’s character development is so good. Jay is awesome in this episode, same with Bridget. Rating: 4.5 out of 5

    Christmas Bells
    A surreal episode for me. The John Campbell score was haunting, chilling, and so good! I enjoyed the story. Gregory Jbara does an amazing job of playing Henry W. Longfellow. As for the ending… I’ll have to hear LCTWTO before I can formulate my opinion on that. But even if I hated the ending (which I don’t), the episode would still be great. Rating: 4.5 out of 5

    Auto Response
    This was a good episode, tho not the best on the album. I appreciated how Phill has toned down the Jillian-annoyance scale. I thought it was good that finally Polehaus is having a good talk with Buck. Jules is Jules… . But I don’t really like exactly what Buck is doing. I mean, he already went through this in Crash Course, and now he’s doing it again. Oh well… it can’t all be perfect. It was still a good episode and has lots of re-listen value. Rating: 4 out of 5

    Wow. That’s the one word that describes this episode for me. Like Christmas Bells, I got shivers down my spine. The ending… I don’t even know how to describe it. Marshall Younger seriously knocked this one out of the ballpark. I really liked the moral of this episode, it’s not something Odyssey has done often, but I really appreciated it. When I first heard the episode, I thought that Jason and Connie sounded a little… like they were talking over Zoom. (It’s the first remotely recorded episode). But listening to it again, the rest of the episode was perfect. Rating: 4.5 to 5 out of 5

    In conclusion, this album has been terrific so far to listen to. I’m predicting that I’ll love The Protector (coming up soon). I still don’t know about LCTWTO, but who knows… maybe it will be an amazing episode also.

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