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Christmas Special: Let’s Talk About Characters—In the Club

For those of you who are not in the Adventures in Odyssey Club (and for those of you who are), you probably know there are characters that have only appeared in the Club, either one-time, recurring, or main club characters. Today, that we’ll talk about several characters that have appeared only in the Club, or have moved out of it.

Renee D. Carter– Renee is probably the best example of an only-Club character. She was introduced in Things not Seen, which began Renee’s Conversion Arc, an arc only available in the club. She appears quite frequently, with her latest appearance in the controversial episode; Millstones. She once made a cameo in Crash Course. If she appeared in a normal album, non-Club members would be very confused because of the effect she has had so far.

Horus– Hasn’t appeared as frequently as Renee, and is just being established as a character. He’s Eugene’s assistant at Campbell College and is accident-prone. His main appearances are with Beezee and Renee. If he appeared in regular albums, he could be reintroduced without much trouble.

Beezee-is a member of the Square One Club and has only appeared in two episodes. She has a get-it-done-right-now attitude, which makes her pretty impatient. Since she’s only been in two episodes, and the Square One Club hasn’t appeared in forever, it wouldn’t make too much of a difference as it hasn’t appeared in a while.

Zoe Grant– Zoe was originally a Club character, then soon moved on to be in regular albums. She is best friends with Olivia.

Camilla Parker– Camilla was (and still is) a regular character, but hasn’t appeared in a regular album for quite some time. Most of her appearances after The Ties that Bind are in the Adventures in Odyssey Club. With the Parkers slowly fizzling out, this might become a reality for the rest of the Parkers as well, if they don’t disappear completely or move to Pokenberry Falls or something.

Ricky– only appeared in two episodes. Jerry Whittaker helped his great-grandmother.

Jeff Lewis– is another character who makes appearances in season albums, but mostly appears in the Club, either in Odyssey or on a missions trip. He first appeared in the Club in Season Two bumping into Wooton “miles away from home”.

Leonard Norman– Buddy is pretty unbalanced when it comes to season versus Club episodes, but that’s only because he’s been in seven episodes. He’s been in five Club episodes, and slips into the regular episode list a couple times, where we find out more about him.

Brian McCarthy– has appeared in three episodes, all in Season One. He is Jay’s friend (probably). Jay actually mentioned him in The Ties that Bind, Part 5.

Other one-time characters– There are several characters that appear one time, either as part of a sponsored organization or just thrown in for other reasons. Demarkus, Logan Scott, John Oldcastle, and many, many others.

There are several other characters, and if I missed some (which I definitely did), add some in the comments! Anyway:

Thanks for reading The New AIO Blog. I’m Joshua, hoping you had a Merry Christmas and giving Seasonal Felicitations all around!🎄


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