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Christmas Special: Let’s Talk About Characters—In the Club

For those of you who are not in the Adventures in Odyssey Club (and for those of you who are), you probably know there are characters that have only appeared in the Club, either one-time, recurring, or main club characters. Today, that we’ll talk about several characters that have appeared only in the Club, orContinue reading “Christmas Special: Let’s Talk About Characters—In the Club”

Christmas Bells—Reaction

This post is my thoughts and reaction to Album 70’s The Christmas Bells. As I listen, I’ll type down what I think and edit it later. This will be the format of all my Album 70 Reactions. It’ll probably make more sense if you follow along with the episode. Oh, Triple J Antiques. Haven’t seenContinue reading “Christmas Bells—Reaction”

Let’s Talk About Characters: Jason

From the studio that brought you Death by a Station, to the incredible suspense of The Undercover Man and everything in between, comes the thrill, the chill, and the awful alternate future: Nightmares by Jillian. Starring Jason Whittaker, Double-L Jillian, and all their friends; and their enemies. Coming to a radio near you. This trailerContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Characters: Jason”

Let’s Talk About Sagas: The Leonard Melstner Saga

In the Adventures in Odyssey Club, which you should have joined after my compelling speech, a compilation album of the Leonard Melstner saga is now  available. Naturally, I thought, “well I’ll use this as inspiration for a Let’s Talk About and here we are. Cue the theme music! Oh, we don’t have any. The sagaContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sagas: The Leonard Melstner Saga”

(Instant Post) My answers to the questions on The Perilous Pen

Although this is an Adventures in Odyssey blog, I would like it if you knew a little more about the guy on the other side of your screen. Since I don’t feature Instant Posts, I’ll be creating an About Me link where you can view this post 24/7. All my answers will be in bold.Continue reading “(Instant Post) My answers to the questions on The Perilous Pen”