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Jillian Marshall Hangs Mistletoe In J & J Antiques And Gestures Suggestively Towards It

ODYSSEY, USA – Today at J & J Antiques in Odyssey, Jillian Marshall halted her work to hang some mistletoe from the ceiling of the shop. She did this while her boss, Jason Whittaker, was out making deliveries for the business. When Whittaker returned from the shop, he walked into the room and saw JillianContinue reading “Jillian Marshall Hangs Mistletoe In J & J Antiques And Gestures Suggestively Towards It”

Former Rydell and AIO Fan confused by current events

LYNCHBURG, VA- A former No. 1 fan of the Rydell saga was in shock after coming out from under a rock the last 3 years. He had been a huge fan in 2019 when it appeared like it would be a Novacom saga or something like that. He’s was confused and almost annoyed that sinceContinue reading “Former Rydell and AIO Fan confused by current events”

SONN Instant News Report! Album 73 and 74 Episodes Revealed!

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- The writer’s have finally taken the suggestions of Club commenters and made these episodes! This is incredible news straight from Focus on the Family itself. And we’re sure people won’t raid the castle after this amazing release! Album 73 contains:A 3-parter about Buck and Jules and the Rydells…again! The episodes are calledContinue reading “SONN Instant News Report! Album 73 and 74 Episodes Revealed!”

State of the Club Forums 2021

Sometimes, in the course of one’s life, it becomes necessary to reflect on on the quality and state of things you loved as a child. I got the club in 2015 and have talked on and off on there since 2016. At this point, I need to look back on what has happened in theContinue reading “State of the Club Forums 2021”

Why “Jillson” is LITERALLY the Worst Ship Ever (with John Tuttle III)

Don’t worry, we won’t offend the masses with this one! Enjoy these reasons Jillson is a very bad idea. We hope you agree. 1. Jason is mature 2. Jillian is not 3 . “Jillian” and “mature” do not belong in a sentence together 4. Jason follows the law 6. Jillian finds ways around the lawContinue reading “Why “Jillson” is LITERALLY the Worst Ship Ever (with John Tuttle III)”

The What-If Family Tree

“Please keep your hands and feet inside the hypothetical situation as we journey once again into The What If Zone.” I saw a comment one day in the Club that said: buck + jules💝connie + montybarret + precillamatthew + Emilywhit + lucia then they will all be related Isaiah2017 One thing that I was madeContinue reading “The What-If Family Tree”

Let’s Talk About Characters: Jason

From the studio that brought you Death by a Station, to the incredible suspense of The Undercover Man and everything in between, comes the thrill, the chill, and the awful alternate future: Nightmares by Jillian. Starring Jason Whittaker, Double-L Jillian, and all their friends; and their enemies. Coming to a radio near you. This trailerContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Characters: Jason”