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Former Rydell and AIO Fan confused by current events

LYNCHBURG, VA- A former No. 1 fan of the Rydell saga was in shock after coming out from under a rock the last 3 years. He had been a huge fan in 2019 when it appeared like it would be a Novacom saga or something like that. He’s was confused and almost annoyed that since the Rydell Revelations, Tasha, Ms. Maido, and Cooper have entered the mix.

“Emily has mental issues, and Mr. Whittaker, like, doesn’t exist anymore. What?!”

He was also saddened to realize the Club comments section, a place he had loved hanging out as a boy, was now a place of terror, or rather horror. He couldn’t believe what he saw the second he re-logged on.

“There’s literally an entire “Jillean” fan club. Who is that, anyway?”

He realized later it was a lady, or rather child, who’s name was actually spelled “Jillian”. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A person who moved in with Connie and Jules who never held a steady job, and as far as anyone’s concerned never will. People actually wanted Jason to marry this girl! Good gravy!

We were able to get back on track with the Rydell Saga. He said he believed there was an eventual end to this, but wishes they would just get it over with so he could get back to listening to “real episodes”. He doesn’t care about the Team and believes Emily should just go to therapy instead of hanging out with Maddening Morrie. He ended the interview with:

“Was Morrie right? No. Did he have a good reason to do what he did? Not really. Do I sympathize with him? Kind of. But hey, this saga isn’t over yet. There’s still room for satisfaction.”

We laughed at the ignorance in his comments. In other news, the music album by “M’kalister Park”, the Ceiling Fan AIO tribute band has hit the Top Billboard 100, and hardcore Adventures in Odyssey Fans are finally able to say they liked the show “before it was cool”. In wake of this news, Kevin McCreary has decided to finally restart the podcast. What a day of rejoicing. For SONN, I’m Donald Treply. Good night.

Thanks for reading! The last quotation was actually taken from the very first post this blog ever made. Man, I’ve come a long way since that stuff, am I right? Anyway, stay tuned! 15.31. By the way, here’s the link to that post!


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