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The Sound of Odyssey Music

Music is the backbone of Odyssey. It brings life to all episodes and makes flavorful even the most bland stories. It gives soul to the Universal Press Foundation, wings to Morrie’s mind games, flight to the Imagination Station, and life to everything AIO. John Campbell, Jared Depasquale, and others have created seven-note melody variations that are beautiful and dramatic, spectacular and tension-building. This is a list of the most melodious music according to readers of AIO Writer’s Block.

5. Connie, Parts 1&2

4. Unsinkable, Parts 1&2

3. The Novacom Saga

2. Prisoners of Fear, Parts 1-3

1. The Martyr and the Rooster

These were voted the best scores in the Odyssey episodes. I myself believe that they are excellent choices. These have dramatic crescendos, soft, smooth moments, and emotional melodies. These are the kind of episodes that would be wonderful to everyone’s ears. Anyway, this is Don, reminding you to keep reading.

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