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SONN Instant News Report! Album 73 and 74 Episodes Revealed!

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- The writer’s have finally taken the suggestions of Club commenters and made these episodes! This is incredible news straight from Focus on the Family itself. And we’re sure people won’t raid the castle after this amazing release!

Album 73 contains:
A 3-parter about Buck and Jules and the Rydells…again! The episodes are called A Very Oliver Wedding and Insanity. Definitely will be a thriller! Adventures in Odyssey Team, thank you!!!!

Album 74 contains:

Everyone Loves Double-ls: an episode featuring Jillian Marshall and her amazing, not-at-all annoying adventures! Jason even proposes to her! Wow!

Please Adjust Your Mindset, Part 1 and 2: Ms. Adelaide, after successfully leading Olivia to question and lose the faith she apparently never had, she poisons the entire school, the state, and bans Bring Your Bible to School Day. Eventually she becomes the president, illegalizes Christianity and drives Whit and all her enemies underground.

We Might as Well go Home: After Morrie Rydell and President Adelaide decimate the internet and the churches everywhere (respectively of course), the United States is utterly destroyed, capitalism dies and so does everyone. The Antichrist has come.

Let’s Get Married: After coming out of a horrifying Imagination Station experience, Whit decides he might as well marry Lucia, which leads to everyone, from 10 to 150, to do the same! Even Connie and a metal statue of Jim at the airport get married! Awesome!

What do you think! Tantalizing? Awesome? Thought provoking? Nah, this is totally happening. Too bad! Welp, don’t pack your bags, and definitely don’t fly to Colorado Springs to revolt! See ya!

Written by Don, reminding you not to believe everything you read!

Information: Block Birthday Post 10/31. Album 73,74/news post. Credit: actual ideas given by Club commenters, I kid you not (though not as extreme of course). For more information visit (P.S these are not real so don’t sue me)


Published by Donald Treply

Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

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