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November Odyssey Content

Let me start off by saying how sorry I am for failing to come through on this blog’s anniversary last month, but it’s been a busy month and really a busy year, so I haven’t had time to deliver on posts like I should. Anyway, it’s all in the past now, and it’s time forContinue reading “November Odyssey Content”

Focus re-releases the Lost and Unreleased Episodes as today’s episodes are probably more controversial anyway

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- After once again airing the original episodes on the radio, the AIO Team has made an executive decision to re-release the Unreleased episodes and put the old Lost episodes back on the air next time around. Dave Arnold had this to say: “We just think that after piling up so many controversiesContinue reading “Focus re-releases the Lost and Unreleased Episodes as today’s episodes are probably more controversial anyway”

As Buck Would Have It, Part 1- The Last 10 Years Don’t Matter

Spoiler alert, though if you’re reading this, you probably don’t care. No tangents, double-talk, interruptions. Okay, well maybe a little. Anyway, this shouldn’t be too long. This is because it part of a whole story, and I’ll cover it fully in my Album 72 review later next month. Anyway, let’s get into the review! Music–Continue reading “As Buck Would Have It, Part 1- The Last 10 Years Don’t Matter”

The Parkers Were Wasted Potential.

The most prominent Odyssey family. The second most prominent Odyssey child. Why did it all go to waste? This week, Don criticizes the writers disposal of the Parker family in Let’s Talk About: The Parkers.

Seasons Greetings, Odyssey Episodes

As so many holidays are on the horizon, I thought it would be a good idea to have the best episodes for this time of year in a nice little list. You can refer to this when you want to listen to a seasonal episode or have a listening party! If you believe other episodesContinue reading “Seasons Greetings, Odyssey Episodes”

Adventures in Conspiracies!

Hopefully you’ve seen the recent video by At My Whit’s End, (which by the way is an awesome YouTube channel, check ‘em out), discussing a theory about AIO being a show in someone’s imagination. Few spoilers here people. This lead me to write about my own Odyssey conspiracy theory which I’ve had on my postContinue reading “Adventures in Conspiracies!”

Sew on and Snow Forth Reaction

Today (0r yesterday, depending on when you’re reading this), the newest installment of the Snow Series was released. The Snow Series, of course, is the four-part Club episode saga, if you will, with interwoven stories about a snowstorm that takes Odyssey by storm. In case you forgot how reactions work (I mean, not like it’sContinue reading “Sew on and Snow Forth Reaction”

Things Only AIO Fans Understand, Part 3

“I Slap Floor” “The Parental Warning thrill” “‘What did you name your child?’ ‘Mabel.’ “Why screaming, ‘Nobody tells me anything!’ is funny.” The feeling you get when a new album releases Thanks for reading! Credit goes to all the Instagram users who gave their ideas! 14.31 See ya next time!

AIO Team to switch to 3-episode albums upon Club member’s request

HOLLYWOOD, CA- After the recording of Album 73 and 74, the team gave thorough consideration to the requests of Club users, a unanimous decision was made by the writers to shorten the episode count in series albums from six to three, starting with Album 75. This will allow more Club episodes to feature quality contentContinue reading “AIO Team to switch to 3-episode albums upon Club member’s request”