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50th Post? Already?!

Now, to be fair, some of the posts have been update posts, very short posts, or little anniversary posts. However this is an anniversary celebration, and 50 posts is quite a milestone.

Anyway, thanks for those of you who’ve stuck with us an whoaaaa! Not sharing my speech yet. See ya guys! Also, thanks for all the likes! And John, thanks for writing quite a few of them!

Block Birthday Post 6/31. 50th post.


Published by Donald Treply

Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

5 thoughts on “50th Post? Already?!

  1. Congratulations, you’re catching up to me fast, I just reached my 100th post 😅. I’ll have to start taking my friendly competition more seriously (just kidding, I’m happy to have another AIO blog around!). Great job on the blog so far, really looking forward to more SONN posts. Congratulations on this milestone!

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