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The What-If Family Tree

“Please keep your hands and feet inside the hypothetical situation as we journey once again into The What If Zone.”

I saw a comment one day in the Club that said:

buck + jules๐Ÿ’
connie + monty
barret + precilla
matthew + Emily
whit + lucia

then they will all be related


One thing that I was made with is overthinking, so I erased my entire calendar whiteboard and turned it into a family tree (featured picture) of all this and more. Today, I’ll break it down, and we’ll have a (purely hypothetical) story after the science. Let the chemistry begin! Note: Again, this is a hypothetical scenario. None of it is intended to be speculation or suggestion to any AIO writers who happen to be reading this. I do not agree that all, if any of these relationships should come to pass. If any of these relationships are familially incorrect, or are out of place, do not hesitate to say so in the comments as it is a result of my inadequate knowledge on this subject. All puns are intentional.

If Whit married Lucia Ortega, Eva and David Parker would automatically become his children-in-law. Then Matthew, Olivia and Camilla would be his grandchildren. If the spark became the flame with Matthew and Emily, Barrett Jones would also become Whit’s grandson and if he got together with Priscilla, so would she, Dorothy and Simon. If Jason and Jillian became a pear, Jillian would be Jana’s sister-in-law, and get this, Connie’s aunt, of course dependant on the fact that Connie married Monty (weird). She would also be Whit’s grandchild, along with Olivia and Camilla. If Jules, Connie’s half sister, actually married Buck, and Eugene adopted Buck, Eugene and Katrina would become Connie’s parents-in-law! Now for the others. Leonard Melstner would technically be Buck’s grandpa, and Everett, would be his uncle. Bill and Jan Kendall would be Eugene and Katrina’s sister-in-law. Wilson Knox would also be related to everyone by he and Charlotte’s marriage. Now that we’ve layed the background, let’s set the stage for a moment of imagination. Let’s set our Imagination Station’s for an approximate 10 years in the future, or really just imagine that everyone is an adult.

Matthew was talking to her cousin Connie. She was not happy about all the weddings people were asking her to prepare for.

“Why do so many people have to get married now?” she asked, fumbling with a phone book. “And why does the flower shop still have a landline?”

“Well at least at home everyone has an extended family now. I mean, Olivia’s still glad she gets free milkshakes at Whit and Lucia’s End.”

“Yeah, but Jillian’s not here to work anymore. She works at The Four J’s Antique’s.”

“It’s a good thing she’s a Christian now. Isn’t that went wrong with Jason and…what was her name?”


“Right. Her.”

“Well, I never thought you and Emily would become a pair, I mean, other than a detective pair,” Connie said while flipping through the F’s.

“Or her brother Barrett,” Matthew said, with bits of Whit’s pizza in his mouth. “But she does own a detective agency now. I think her assistant is called Amanda or something.”

“Oh yeah, Little Mandy DeWhite. She works at Emily’s detective agency, Jones and DeWhite, Partner’s in Crime Solving.”

“Wow. I never thought she’d come up with a good slogan.”

“It was Little Mandy’s idea.”

Just then, Eugene came in with a huge crate of flowers. Connie, who was still intesley looking in the phone book, didn’t even notice.

“Uh, Connie, Matthew said, “I think those are for you.”

“One delivery of perennieals from the family Rosaceae for Mrs. Whittaker,” Eugene declared, lugging the crate of flowers.

“Ah, my roses! Now I just need to remember who they were for” Connie said dropping the phone book.

“I believe I require some assistance,” Eugene said, sweating.

“Oh, oh, sorry! Was it for the Jones wedding or the Kendall wedding?” Connie said to herself while carrying the crate.

“If I knew we were just going to bring it out again I would have left in the pickup truck with all your other oders, I mean orders.”

The two of them walked to Eugene rental pickup,which he was using to help Connie with all the flowers, decorations, and cakes.

“Where’s Buck?” Connie asked. “Doesn’t he usually help out with this stuff?”

“He’s at home,” Eugene said, “Preparing something.

“Well, let’s go,” Connie said, shutting the car’s door.

Eugene said, “Where to?”

“First to Connellsville. That’s where the Jones wedding is. Then the flower shop. I couldn’t find their phone number so I’ll have to talk to them in person.”

“Why didn’t I just leave the flowers in the car?” Eugene groaned.

“Because you’re a nice, generous, strong man. Now drive.” Connie insisted.

The car started and began to drive to Connellsville, when Connie’s phone rang. It was Penny calling. She wanted to tell her that her and Wooten had to babysit and wouldn’t be able to make it for the preparations that day. Connie was about to blow her top when Eugene said,

“You know, sometimes I wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t all landed in this particular place, at this particular time…”

“We’d have a lot less weddings to put together, that’s for sure.”

Then, an alarm began to blare in Connie’s hear. Connie wasn’t sure what was going on, and then everything became darker and darker. Connie leapt up from her covers in a cold sweat.

“Wow, what a nightmare,” Connie said. “I’m so glad that wasn’t real.”

However, the phone rang as dawn began to break.

“Hello, Connie? I’d like to plan some weddings.”

The End. Dun-Dun-Duhhh. But that’s just a theory, an Odyssey Theory!


Published by Donald Treply

Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

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