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Top Ten Funniest Episodes

I know there are so many funny lines and episodes in the 32-year, 900 episode period AIO has been running, so if you have any others, feel free to leave a comment or two. There might just make a part 2 made from your comments!

10. A Perfect Testimony (Club Season Five)

“God can use battery packs to do his will, you know.”

Camilla’s drastic effort’s to get a testimony worthy of a 10-year-old, along with her response to how they don’t work, are hysterical. Buddy’s imagination and his imaginary friends talking to him as he goes in the mine make the episode even more hilarious. Thumbs up to this.

9. Thirty Jays Hath September (Club Season One)

“Keep reading, Mr. Softbelly!”

My only question to Jay, “Why do you keep avoiding work? Well don’t stop, your attempts are hilarious.” The three-year old kid kept innocently calling Jay Mr. Softbelly after Jay explicitly told him, “It’s Jay”. Jay’s Elvis impression at the end was equally comical.

8. The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 12 (Album 53)

“Who was that masked man?

Among all the suspicion, drama, and agitation, AIO managed to sneak some humor into this intense episode. The movie references, Wooton’s humor, and everyone else’s jokes in general made it an amusing episode.

7. Let This Mind Be In You (Album 4)

“Well, just run the shop like I would.” [disaster ensues]

Another classic Connie and Eugene episode, with Mr. Whittaker leaving. This is a great episode, but Connie and Eugene in any Hal Smith-era episode are a hilarious pair.

6. Hear Me, Hear Me (Album 48)

“My husband uses masking tape; shall I go get some?”

It was nice to see another part of Whit’s family, one that was so talkative. Connie and Eugene’s game show was a great allusion to the past, and one for great laughs. As always, Wooton provided those jokes that only Wooton can give, also known as “that Classic Wooton Humor”.

5. Mums the Word (Album 47)

“Mandy, will you…lift your foot?”

LIke I said, something about love and kid romance just makes me laugh. Also there was a lot of jokes, tricks, and other kinds of mimics. (It had to rhyme) Connie’s sneakiness about her book, Bernard’s classic humor, and Max turning on everyone’s secrets definitely puts it with the top five.

4. Rumpelstiltskin: A Wee Little Tale (Club Season Six)

I don’t quite get it, either. I’m the king, but the story isn’t about me”

Alert! Rumpelstiltskin, the greedy little fellow from Shrek, has now taken Jay form! Every character in this episode had at least one comedic line. Wilhelm Holstein also added an extra boost of funniness

3. Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles (Club Season Seven)

“Sorry we’re late! Whit just had to chat with the mailbox.”

Road trips, doozy Whit, and Connie and Clint are what put this episode with the top three. From the beginning to the end, this episode was a hoot. Of course Wooten was in it, so we had Camptown Races, and as I always say, that Classic Wooten Humor.

2. Room Mates (Album 12)

“Eugene, you’re the only one I know that can ruin gratitude by saying ‘thank you'”

Another classic with hilarious Bernard scenes, wet computers, and lots of laughs. One of the best episodes in my opinion. Also super funny.

1. Suspicious Minds (Album 8)

“Really, Eugene you’ve been reading too many mysteries”

Bernard, Bernard, Bernard. This is solid gold right here. Comedy gold that is. And yes, I took that from a meme.

In conclusion… these episodes aren’t really in any categorical order, however they are my opinion. So as I said before, if you have any others you think are hilarious, drop a comment and I’ll put 10 in a subsequent post. Anyway…

Thanks for reading, but I have places to go, people to beat up, and problems to cause. (just kidding)


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