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Instant Post- This Art is… Something Else

Yesterday the Album 72 art was released. (Courtesy of Odyssey Obssesors, check ‘em out)

Anyway… yeah this is… quite a lot to process. But first of all, cudos to Adventures in Odyssey for making some new art. After all the weird photoshops we’ve had lately, this is a refreshing image. It’s also good to see a new picture of Jules, one that isn’t so, you know. Another interesting note is that Eugene’s reflection is off, but whatcha gonna do.

Buck and Jules are holding hands. What!?!? The obvious reason is they were having a special moment in that gas station, or Buck was rescuing her. (Duh) I mean, Patrick and Beth hold hands in art, and they sure aren’t getting married (at least I hope not). Anyway, we’ve got Eugene in this, too, who I really hope plays a bigger role than he has in the past few years. In the episode itself, I’m kinda hoping for another Long End at this point, but with the feel of an Olivia episode. Who knows, we might even get a Buck gets saved arc. What’d you think of that? Anyway…

That’s all for today folks! Be back soon!


Published by Donald Treply

Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

One thought on “Instant Post- This Art is… Something Else

  1. Yea, I actually like this art (especially compared to the recent album art.😂) I’m rly hoping for a ‘Buck’s spiritual Life’ arc. Idk, maybe he’ll talk to Olivia about it and we’ll get both sides, at once.. anyway, great post!

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