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You might be a Club Commenter if… (with JaySmouse and John Tuttle III)

  • Your username contains “Jules” at some point
  • You spell Jillian Marshall’s name “Jillean”
  • You like the “Mory” stories
  • You fight over what this page is for
  • You write “to” instead of “too”
  • You are younger than ten years old*
  • You write thoughtful posts, like these (it seems to be a trend):
  • There’s a space in “Novacom”
  • You want more colouring pages
  • If you could write an essay using emojis
  • If you don’t know proper punctuation!?!?!…
  • If Jillian and Jason make a great couple
  • If you only listen to post-album 51 episodes
  • If you failed spelling class
  • If you have enough time to post an ad for your page everywhere else on the Club
  • If you’re homeschooled and can’t have real social media
  • You might be a Club commenter if owning a page is a matter of life and death
  • Every Club user is your freind!
  • You love the worst caracters on the show
  • Spelling is an afterthought

How’d ya like it? This post was written with JaySmouse from Adventures in Opinions and John Tuttle III. It’s the 12th post in the Block Birthday post. You can find the rest of this post on


Published by The Stiletto

Writer in Chief for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well I guess.

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