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Wyatt Perkins diagnosed with Twitter Disease

ODYSSEY, USA- Although Wyatt is supposedly not old enough to have a social media account, this week he came out of the hospital diagnosed with Twitter Disease. This common illness causes individuals who catch it to repeat things they hear online without confirming it for themselves. Many exposed to a certain phrase or idea spreadContinue reading “Wyatt Perkins diagnosed with Twitter Disease”

Let’s Talk About Families: The Perkins

Well, that shook things up didn’t it? Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these; and it feels good to get into it again. On today’s Let’s Talk About, we have a new edition: Families. Intro music! Oh, right. I really need to make a podcast. The Perkins arrived in OdysseyContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Families: The Perkins”