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(Instant post) Morrie Was Right?!

(This is going to be an “instant post” or a post that I don’t really change or edit in any way. It goes straight from my brain to the keyboard. It might be incoherent, so please bear with me.) So just imagine me, working on blog posts to release this Thursday, when lo and behold,Continue reading “(Instant post) Morrie Was Right?!”

My immediate reaction to “Was Morrie right?”

Now, I think most of you have heard Lee’s thoughts on “Was Morrie right” on AIO Audio News. (If you haven’t I’ll leave a link.) I, personally, thought Morrie was absolutely wrong. But that’s just me. As soon as I heard this, I gave instant, right off the rant burner feedback. Here it is: HavingContinue reading “My immediate reaction to “Was Morrie right?””