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Morrie Rydell Confused After Getting Coal In His Stocking Christmas Morning

ODYSSEY, USA – Christmas morning, Morrie Rydell was surprised to get coal in his stocking. When Morrie Rydell got up Christmas morning at the Whittaker residence, he rushed downstairs to open Christmas presents. Mr. Whittaker suggested Morrie and his sister first open up their stockings. Morrie felt the hard objects inside his stocking, and excitedlyContinue reading “Morrie Rydell Confused After Getting Coal In His Stocking Christmas Morning”

Rydell Children: “We were playing games”!

WASHINGTON D.C– Two children named Morrie and Suzu Rydell were caught in a National Guard uniform after sacking a man called “Joe Biden”. The two children were found in a room by an NSA agent known as Tasha Forbes. According to her report, the person was locked in an inflatable escape room and had mereContinue reading “Rydell Children: “We were playing games”!”

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off—Reaction

Wow. We are finally at that day, of that month, of that year. And I, Joshua himself, has made it here, on this blog. Welcome to my reaction and partial review of Rydell, Part 10, LCTWTO. Ah, that classic 2010 theme song. Just a suggestion, but maybe it should change? Pretty music. Grrrr, that TiesContinue reading “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off—Reaction”