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All SONN posts come true in the future

THE FUTURE- Our on-site reporter was stuck in the future after a glitch in our “where are they now” machine. The year 2026, which surprisingly we’re all still on earth in, has some news of its own. As well as every even semi-satirical political news post coming true, our own Odyssey-specific news came to passContinue reading “All SONN posts come true in the future”

Morrie Rydell Sure Putin is Bringing Out the Good in Ukraine

ODYSSEY, USA- We interviewed Morrie Rydell a few days ago, who gave his thoughts on the war in Ukraine. “I don’t really know much about either country, but if there’s one thing I know from kidnapping, threatening death, and gaslighting, it’s that when someone does something like this, it’s to bring out the best inContinue reading “Morrie Rydell Sure Putin is Bringing Out the Good in Ukraine”

Morrie Rydell Confused After Getting Coal In His Stocking Christmas Morning

ODYSSEY, USA – Christmas morning, Morrie Rydell was surprised to get coal in his stocking. When Morrie Rydell got up Christmas morning at the Whittaker residence, he rushed downstairs to open Christmas presents. Mr. Whittaker suggested Morrie and his sister first open up their stockings. Morrie felt the hard objects inside his stocking, and excitedlyContinue reading “Morrie Rydell Confused After Getting Coal In His Stocking Christmas Morning”

Morrie Takes Emily to the Top of Whit’s End and Promises Her All the Kingdoms of the Earth if She Admits It Was All “Good”

ODYSSEY, USA – Today Morrie Rydell led Emily Jones to the roof of popular ice cream shop Whit’s End. He told her she could have all the nations of the earth if only she answered his question correctly. Jones scoffed, asking, “what question?” as she rolled her eyes. Rydell replied, “Is all of that, gooooooooooooooood?”Continue reading “Morrie Takes Emily to the Top of Whit’s End and Promises Her All the Kingdoms of the Earth if She Admits It Was All “Good””

News Flash: Whoops!

[Just a little side note, I actually did intend to release this post this the same day the news was released, however I’ve been going non-stop for the past few days and couldn’t fit it into my slew of projects and practices. Anyway, I’m not to late am I?] Yeah…so The Lost One was tooContinue reading “News Flash: Whoops!”

SONN Instant News Report! Album 73 and 74 Episodes Revealed!

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- The writer’s have finally taken the suggestions of Club commenters and made these episodes! This is incredible news straight from Focus on the Family itself. And we’re sure people won’t raid the castle after this amazing release! Album 73 contains:A 3-parter about Buck and Jules and the Rydells…again! The episodes are calledContinue reading “SONN Instant News Report! Album 73 and 74 Episodes Revealed!”

Rydell Children: “We were playing games”!

WASHINGTON D.C– Two children named Morrie and Suzu Rydell were caught in a National Guard uniform after sacking a man called “Joe Biden”. The two children were found in a room by an NSA agent known as Tasha Forbes. According to her report, the person was locked in an inflatable escape room and had mereContinue reading “Rydell Children: “We were playing games”!”

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off—Reaction

Wow. We are finally at that day, of that month, of that year. And I, Joshua himself, has made it here, on this blog. Welcome to my reaction and partial review of Rydell, Part 10, LCTWTO. Ah, that classic 2010 theme song. Just a suggestion, but maybe it should change? Pretty music. Grrrr, that TiesContinue reading “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off—Reaction”

(Instant post) Morrie Was Right?!

(This is going to be an “instant post” or a post that I don’t really change or edit in any way. It goes straight from my brain to the keyboard. It might be incoherent, so please bear with me.) So just imagine me, working on blog posts to release this Thursday, when lo and behold,Continue reading “(Instant post) Morrie Was Right?!”

My immediate reaction to “Was Morrie right?”

Now, I think most of you have heard Lee’s thoughts on “Was Morrie right” on AIO Audio News. (If you haven’t I’ll leave a link.) I, personally, thought Morrie was absolutely wrong. But that’s just me. As soon as I heard this, I gave instant, right off the rant burner feedback. Here it is: HavingContinue reading “My immediate reaction to “Was Morrie right?””