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Things Only AIO Fans Understand, Part 2

1. Christianbook sells waaaaaay more than just books 2. These are the real months of the year 3. No, I don’t want an All-In-One Fan, thank you 4. 1987 rings a bell in only some people’s minds 5. Colorado Springs is a great city for multiple reasons In conclusion…hope you liked these. I know IContinue reading “Things Only AIO Fans Understand, Part 2”

Things Only AIO Fans Understand

1. “The Club” is a proper noun 2. Eugene is not this… …or this goofy guy 3. When someone asks to borrow your computer 4. You don’t have to be that old to know what tapes are 5. Hmm…striking similarities So much that it’s how we learned how to use Wikipedia In conclusion… there willContinue reading “Things Only AIO Fans Understand”