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Updated AIO Club: First Looks

The AIO Club app has not been updated in 2 years, and the online version has maintained its infamous design and structure since its launch in 2014. So when a new Club was announced, it was a big deal. Over the past week, I took a look at what has been the most significant updateContinue reading “Updated AIO Club: First Looks”

Club Member Creates Letter to Club in Club Comment Format, Wins Competition

Detroit, MI- We received inside information from the decision-makers about who will be the ones to receive the special prizes from Gary Locke. It is very good news, and now we have an exclusive! The first one of three we received was sent by George G. We have it below. “okay, so i’m going toContinue reading “Club Member Creates Letter to Club in Club Comment Format, Wins Competition”

One Year of The Club (A good investment?)

Last week marks my self proclaimed “Clubaversary”, or my first full year purchasing the Club. In that time I’ve started a blog, a Club collection, an AIOWiki account, and listened to nearly every episode, including about 100 Club exclusives. But is it really worth $108 per year? And before we go any further, I’m notContinue reading “One Year of The Club (A good investment?)”

Sew on and Snow Forth Reaction

Today (0r yesterday, depending on when you’re reading this), the newest installment of the Snow Series was released. The Snow Series, of course, is the four-part Club episode saga, if you will, with interwoven stories about a snowstorm that takes Odyssey by storm. In case you forgot how reactions work (I mean, not like it’sContinue reading “Sew on and Snow Forth Reaction”

You might be a Club Commenter if… (with JaySmouse and John Tuttle III)

Your username contains “Jules” at some point You spell Jillian Marshall’s name “Jillean” You like the “Mory” stories You fight over what this page is for You write “to” instead of “too” You are younger than ten years old* You write thoughtful posts, like these (it seems to be a trend): There’s a space inContinue reading “You might be a Club Commenter if… (with JaySmouse and John Tuttle III)”

AIO Team to switch to 3-episode albums upon Club member’s request

HOLLYWOOD, CA- After the recording of Album 73 and 74, the team gave thorough consideration to the requests of Club users, a unanimous decision was made by the writers to shorten the episode count in series albums from six to three, starting with Album 75. This will allow more Club episodes to feature quality contentContinue reading “AIO Team to switch to 3-episode albums upon Club member’s request”

SONN Instant News Report! Album 73 and 74 Episodes Revealed!

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- The writer’s have finally taken the suggestions of Club commenters and made these episodes! This is incredible news straight from Focus on the Family itself. And we’re sure people won’t raid the castle after this amazing release! Album 73 contains:A 3-parter about Buck and Jules and the Rydells…again! The episodes are calledContinue reading “SONN Instant News Report! Album 73 and 74 Episodes Revealed!”

Instant Post- News Flash!

This is an instant post (first in a while) with all the news given to us from Adventures in Odyssey this summer. Begin! Season 9 Club episodes: Knox on Love: An episode (supposedly about love) featuring Eugene, Connie, and Wilson (supposedly), and directed by Phil Lollar. For a Penny: A comical episode in which PennyContinue reading “Instant Post- News Flash!”

Club Commenters Place Cardboard J*llian on Donkey

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- As commenters prepared for The Great Day of J*llian, they marched to the entrance of town with a large cardboard cutout of her. They placed her upon a rented donkey and paraded downtown. They even went to the local In-n-Out and took some palm leaves to wave as. It was an incrediblyContinue reading “Club Commenters Place Cardboard J*llian on Donkey”

State of the Club Forums 2021

Sometimes, in the course of one’s life, it becomes necessary to reflect on on the quality and state of things you loved as a child. I got the club in 2015 and have talked on and off on there since 2016. At this point, I need to look back on what has happened in theContinue reading “State of the Club Forums 2021”