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Jimmy and Donna Forget Last Year, This Time Burn Down Entire House

ODYSSEY, USA- A few days ago, Jimmy and Donna Barclay once again found themselves in a predicament of sickly proportions. With their two parents sick with the coronavirus, they forgot the instructions to go to the Jacob’s house and decided to try their hand at Thanksgiving dinner. Despite Jimmy’s insistance that they just forget traditionContinue reading “Jimmy and Donna Forget Last Year, This Time Burn Down Entire House”

Wyatt Perkins diagnosed with Twitter Disease

ODYSSEY, USA- Although Wyatt is supposedly not old enough to have a social media account, this week he came out of the hospital diagnosed with Twitter Disease. This common illness causes individuals who catch it to repeat things they hear online without confirming it for themselves. Many exposed to a certain phrase or idea spreadContinue reading “Wyatt Perkins diagnosed with Twitter Disease”

Odyssey changes city name to Mayberry

ODYSSEY, USA- Mayor Spencer Hicks (or Margret Faye, still not exactly sure what year it is) recently announced that due to several newcomers mistaking the small town for the other fictional town of Mayberry, the city would be renamed to that anyway. This left many city members confused; however, outsiders said it was the perfectContinue reading “Odyssey changes city name to Mayberry”

McKay child makes headlines after offering “Juice and Milk” instead of Lemonade

Last week (or sometime after 2003, we’re not really sure), Grady McKay made it on the front page of the Odyssey Times when he broke a tradition held since 1987. When one Eugene Meltsner arrived at his door, he was offered juice or milk instead of water, tea, or most importantly, lemonade. Since Mayor FayeContinue reading “McKay child makes headlines after offering “Juice and Milk” instead of Lemonade”