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News Flash: Whoops!

[Just a little side note, I actually did intend to release this post this the same day the news was released, however I’ve been going non-stop for the past few days and couldn’t fit it into my slew of projects and practices. Anyway, I’m not to late am I?] Yeah…so The Lost One was tooContinue reading “News Flash: Whoops!”

Let’s Talk About Sagas: Related, or Unrelated? Connections to the Novacom Saga

One score and one day ago, I began discussing the Adventures in Odyssey seasons of 2003 through 2008 and their connections to Novacom. This week, I’ll delve more into that topic. I will also include links to all the sagas and episodes connected to Novacom after Novacom but before the 2010 hiatus. Smaller sets ofContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sagas: Related, or Unrelated? Connections to the Novacom Saga”

Let’s Talk About Sagas: After Novacom, Before the Hiatus

During the 5-year span of 2003 to 2008, there were about four minor sagas, three character reappearances, two father-son reunions, and of course, some criminal activity. It was like the days between Blackgaard and Novacom, just everyday Odyssey happenings, with better stories of course, (cough-2000 season-cough). Sure we had some excitement, but it was mostlyContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sagas: After Novacom, Before the Hiatus”

Does The Clown Hero clue us in on “One of Three”?

The Clown Hero, an unexpected episode, features Olivia and Zoey. Now, this may be a coincidence, however, with the next series album being 71, it seems interesting in that this month’s Club episode (or last month’s by the time you’re reading this) “two of three” we’re heard. In this episode, Olivia has a literal moralContinue reading “Does The Clown Hero clue us in on “One of Three”?”

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off—Reaction

Wow. We are finally at that day, of that month, of that year. And I, Joshua himself, has made it here, on this blog. Welcome to my reaction and partial review of Rydell, Part 10, LCTWTO. Ah, that classic 2010 theme song. Just a suggestion, but maybe it should change? Pretty music. Grrrr, that TiesContinue reading “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off—Reaction”

Let’s Talk About Sagas: The Leonard Melstner Saga

In the Adventures in Odyssey Club, which you should have joined after my compelling speech, a compilation album of the Leonard Melstner saga is now  available. Naturally, I thought, “well I’ll use this as inspiration for a Let’s Talk About and here we are. Cue the theme music! Oh, we don’t have any. The sagaContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sagas: The Leonard Melstner Saga”