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John Whittaker Meets Jillian, Asks for a Bucket

ODYSSEY, USA- Mr. Whittaker arrived at the Kendall residence after complaints about a roommate under the name Jillian Marshall. He expected to have a little talk with Connie about this, and show her the options, as he so often does. When he arrived, however, he received a huge shock. The lady came out with brightContinue reading “John Whittaker Meets Jillian, Asks for a Bucket”

100 AWB Posts

So, y’all remember a year ago when I celebrated the website’s anniversary for a month and made a long commemoration speech? Yeah, this is gonna be nothing like that. But I do want to say a couple words. Well, we made it to 100. With almost half now being the famed SONN posts, my personalContinue reading “100 AWB Posts”

Jules Cries About Not Being Able to Run to Los Angeles This Year

ODYSSEY, USA- We were called to the Kendall residence earlier this week to give Jules her attention refill. When the SONN team arrived, we found her crying into her pillow about some recent news. The city was burning down or falling into the sea or something of the like. We tried to console her, sayingContinue reading “Jules Cries About Not Being Able to Run to Los Angeles This Year”

The Parkers Were Wasted Potential.

The most prominent Odyssey family. The second most prominent Odyssey child. Why did it all go to waste? This week, Don criticizes the writers disposal of the Parker family in Let’s Talk About: The Parkers.