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Another anniversary, I guess?

I’m almost entirely sure that one of my New Year Resolutions for 2022 was to ‘post more,’ and boy, what a joke that was. This goes on record as our most underperforming year in content and content viewership, but it didn’t go without a few noticeable successes. Today marks the second anniversary of AIO Writer’s Block, which as the most dedicated readers of this website should know, started out as “The New AIO Blog” in late 202o. So grab your hot chocolate as I go over the biggest accomplishments of 2022.

The exceeding 10k views in May of this year

Thanks to all our readers, we superseded 10,000 views on the webpage this year and are now passing 12,000. I know we can make 15,000 in the coming year, and thank you so much for this. Unfortunately, due to a lack of posts, we barely scraped the number of views achieved last year, but I believe this is still an accomplishment.

The acquisition of two websites

Though I’ve kept this quite quiet over the past several months, two websites (Adventures Happening in Odyssey and Odyssey Fiction) have now joined what is dubbed the AIO Writer’s Block family. Hopefully, we can expand and develop this over the coming year, and I’m very excited to see what I envisioned for this site coming to fruition.

Now for the stats:

Obviously, 2022 was worse in terms of viewership, which strangely seemed the case around the board for AIO fan content. It may also have been the prime opportunity for creators (myself included); it appeared as though a sharp decline occurred, even though lives were resuming and content was being produced at a normal rate. In 2022, our most popular post was:

Mr. Whittaker In Trouble After Details Of His Life Before Moving To Odyssey Emerge

…garnishing a spectacular 131 views before the close of 2022. It also pulled in 1,008 views for April 2022, making it our most successful month this year and our second most successful month in history, just missing December 2021’s 1,457. The site also received



And now has a total of


Congratulations and thank you to our readers and John, without whom none of this would have been possible, and who gets full credit for that post. We now turn to social media, whose stats are significantly more impressive. We broke 100 followers early on in the year on both pages. Let’s take a look at the main page, which has a whopping


A number that will certainly increase in the coming year and will hopefully break 150 and possibly even 200. We’ll see. The SONN page now has


a surprising figure as it previously superseded the number on the head page, and hopefully will again, with all the goals previously mentioned.

It’s almost 2023, and also time to stop looking back on the year and begin looking forward. I’m sure I had a clever way I was going to wrap up this post. But for now, thank God for another year, drink some sparkling cider, and get ready for the best content ever!

For AWB, you know who I am; good morning.


Published by Donald Treply

Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

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