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News Flash: AIO’s not being beaten to the punch.

News this week: AIO album image and name released

It happens every year, someone (usually Polehaus53) finds from some obscure place (usually Christianbook or Amazon) that a new album is being released, the title and image. It’s syndicated all over the fan community as news, there’s no secret, and we all speculate what it contains. This time around apparently, AIO was not letting that happen, so they gave little teasers until yesterday, when they released the name and image for the latest album, releasing next spring? That hasn’t happened in a while. Anyway, enough chitchat, the review!

“Buckle up!” album art revealed Wednesday.

First, as many have pointed out, it’s an obvious mirror of the original Twists and Turns art. Eugene is at the front; I’m not sure what that means. I think I heard somewhere that the team is deepfaking his voice, which is creepy, but if true, it could aid in his departure episodes. It could also be a tribute image; we’ll see about that.

Some people have suggested the title references the whole Buckles thing going on. AIO’s recent history is community involvement and listening to their fanbase (I’ll go over that in my 28 hours review whenever that happens), and if we’re being honest, Buck and Jules will have more chemistry than Jason and Jillian will ever have. But, seriously, there’s a rollercoaster on the front, and we know Odyssey; they’re referencing buckling up for the “adventure of this next album” or something. Renee on the cover obviously means she’s in the album. This brings up something else I learned this week: Club episodes are canon! I’m not surprised about the Renee thing; she’s been mentioned in the series twice now, but if Adventures in Odyssey has some major arc they want to start in the Club, that makes that arc pay to listen. That is already the case, but I find that not right at all. Hopefully, this never happens, but if AIO goes that route, that is unacceptable. But anyway, Renee will be in this album, so I’ll love to see her breaking real ground here in series album land. Horace may be there as well; we never know. (even though he was apparently there the whole time)

Visually, this is great on the eyes. It’s colorful, appealing, and is one of the better covers in the past couple of years. Also, Wooton is seen without his hat for the first time…weird! Otherwise, that’s a nice little teaser; good to see the team taking initiative. I’ll be looking out for that album. Goodnight!

Published by Donald Treply

Chief writer for AIO Writer's Block and AIO fan. Sums it up pretty well, I guess.

3 thoughts on “News Flash: AIO’s not being beaten to the punch.

  1. Great post! It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next few albums post 28 hours and especially since Eugene’s fate is up in the air. Also please post the 28 hours review if only for the Jason and Jillian commentary. As far as their chemistry goes we definitely agree with you.

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