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Hal Smith’s Whit Looks Down on Odyssey in Disgust

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN- We interviewed the original John Whittaker today to allow him to discuss with us his thoughts on the present state of his town. His answers surprised us. First he told us his thoughts on the spiritual nature of the town.

He said, ”I am appalled at the way my daughter was treated by that Jillian person. That was very unacceptable, dabbling in the occult. If I found out what Jason and Jana did, I would be there and break whatever boards they were using. Strike one.”

“Secondly, I can’t believe Whit’s End has been turned into a place for cruel games and manipulation. I would never have allowed such behavior or an escape room! This is a privately owned business! I don’t know Morrie Rydell crept up on everyone like that, but I never would have allowed it! That used to be a safe place! full of wonder and Imagination!”

“And my third point, my shop is no longer the center of attention! This was once a place people hung out. Now they all are at schools! Pitiful! What’s Odyssey coming to these days?”

He had about 27 more reasons, including his shock that Connie and Eugene don’t argue, Jillian Marshall’s use of the word gosh, the failing public system, everyone’s confusion about how far away Chicago was, and many other majors issues.

He closed it with, “I’m gonna turn back Odyssey to it’s glory days. I’m gonna turn it back,” Trump, I mean Whittaker says.

In other news, Jack Allen is getting dreams of Whit angrily scolding present day Whit, bit since all Whits are the same and Jack only comes to visit in flashbacks, no ones paying attention.


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