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Judge Me Tender- Jules Isn’t the Main Character, but That’s Not the Best Part

Spoilers, spoilers blah blah blah.

Welcome to the first AWB episode review! Let’s start, and as we go, you’ll discover what input I have for this and future assessments. This is a month overdue, so hopefully, it’s not too off-putting. I’ll listen for the second time since my trip after Christmas and give both my original and current opinions. I also haven’t yet heard or read the reviews of others so it might be a bit repetitive, but still, the first review! (Sorry Adventures in Opinions and Odyssey Obsessors).

I’ll begin by stating that just by this being a non-Jules-centric episode. Album 69 in 2020 was not it, mainly because Jules was an annoying, manipulative hack, which carried over into Album 70 at the beginning of last year. The previous four quarantine albums have had their pitfalls, but I digress. I’ll finish that thought at the end. I first read the description and was a little worried about where it was going, but so far, an excellent start. Secondly, I hoped this wouldn’t end up like a Friend of Foe episode, which seemed very likely when I first read the description. It’s nothing like that, so that’s good. I would have had a whole con

Wyatt’s voice. Oh man, it’s changing. Is he still ten, or not? Wait, what age is he turning? What is happening? Is this turning into another Parker with Wyatt having four actors? What will this mean? I was just warming up to him too. Welp. Anyway, that interjection is out of the way.

The soundtrack at the beginning is reminiscent of 2020’s Cars, Trains, and Motorcycles, an episode I found very amusing and loved. It’s a bit of a twist on the new soundtrack, or I guess a 12-year running soundtrack. It gets a bit plain sometimes, so it’s nice to see these modifications John Campbell does. I think electronic-y music fits into the teen pop style we might have going here. I don’t know; it’s been a month since I’ve listened to this episode. Also, I don’t listen to pop music. Next point!

First, Wyatt walks in after church and declines watching an unwholesome television program. At first, I sided with Bridget on this one but then thought it through. After all, while Bridget isn’t all in all wrong and this isn’t necessarily a Christian family, I am glad morality and Christianity are coming into this home some way at all. 

In the second scene, Bridget is a little annoying . We know from 2020’s Bridget, Redefined that Bridget isn’t really outgoing, and is kind of a hermit-like misanthrope. She warms up to a girl a little in Hurricane Perkins but for the most part is a person who we know just doesn’t like talking. So the fact that she’s complaining about her lack of friends like there’s some kind of problem with everyone else is bothersome. Her mother has got it right here. So she goes over to Jules. Nice. 

The convo starts like most non-friendships do, with small talk. Bridget might not be so bad at it after all. Comment: Jules sounds a little older. Don’t know what’s up with that, just saying. Second comment: A kid at eight candles?! Ambulance, anyone? 

Jules seems just as bad in her opening scene, and it seems we’ve rewound to the Friend or Foe plotline, because what the episode would have you believe is Connie was saying was “why were you hanging out with Bridget” or something like that. Spoiler: it’s not true. I mean Bridget is a little rude and maybe a lot rude, but she’s not the worst person on earth, and obviously not the most judgmental person in this episode. Ha! (Only half of that sentence was sarcastic.) 

We’re back to the Friend or Foe feel by the next scene with Jules, and Jules is roasting Connie.

Alright, I’ve spent a lot of words so far with this but this, oh man, this takes the cake. Let’s stop and move on to Characters and Casting for a minute as I must it with these two scenes. So we meet Kristen, who’s supposed to be this extremist homeschooler. If I didn’t know homeschoolers in real life, I think this is what I’d assume they were like. In fact I think this is what most people actually think homeschoolers are like! And let me tell you, it’s an absolute hoot! I mean, that prayer superseded Any of Eugene’s prayers, verbosely, anyway. A family of seventeen?! Haha! Adoption, that’s nice. Jules seems genuinely interested, also good… Christian Audio Drama? Nice self-deprecating humor there, Odyssey. Why does Bridget act like not listening to the radio is so outrageous? I mean, this is 2022. I mean, I don’t voluntarily listen to the radio either except at that special 8:00 moment. Oh no. That’s something to think about. Woah, Bridget’s idea of fun is… interesting. Kristen takes a swing at Los Angeles’ theft laws, or lack thereof, but I don’t wanna get political. 

I want to wrap this up fast since I’m approaching 1000 words and it seems a little excessive. The message here is pretty clear. Judge not, and you will not be judged, with an… interesting take. You are not judged. Bridget’s behavior was unacceptable, hyperbolic as Kristen’s family number may have seemed. Why. Kristen doesn’t really seem all that prudish in the first place. When the episode had gone a little, I said Bridget was a kind of okay person, until now. She was scoring points in my book, and she just blew it. Now, she’s a bad influence. Jules, on the other hand, is learning more than we thought. Fortunately, Bridget sorts out her self and it ends happily ever after. Anyway, the episode leaves us with something to think about as they usually do. Great job writing, Marshal Younger, another great episode. For AWB, I’m Don Treply. Good night.


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