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Eugene’s Entire Life Just Fever Dream From Four Corners

OAK PARK, CO- Eugene Meltsner woke up on an uneventful day to find himself in a completely different home. He was in a room with Bryant Jennings, who had made him breakfast the earlier day. He was shocked and confused at the same time. According to Mr. Jennings, he continued to repeat, “Where is everyone? Where are Katrina and Buck?!” Bryant stated he had no idea who either person was. He gave Meltsner his breakfast and left for work. We got a statement from Eugene.

“What on earth happened?! I had a visual nighttime occurrence in which I was a Christian, and had a son! What on earth!? Who are you anyway? Have you heard of Andromeda? What a bewildering dream.”

When asked about his trip with Bernard, he was told by Bryant that he took the position at the computer company, and Mr. Walton had left without him. Everyone in Odyssey had sent their love and well wishes.

In other unrelated news, Focus on the Family has released their response on how they will explain Eugene’s disappearance. Phil Lollar, of course, says no.


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