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Morrie Rydell Confused After Getting Coal In His Stocking Christmas Morning

ODYSSEY, USA – Christmas morning, Morrie Rydell was surprised to get coal in his stocking.

When Morrie Rydell got up Christmas morning at the Whittaker residence, he rushed downstairs to open Christmas presents. Mr. Whittaker suggested Morrie and his sister first open up their stockings. Morrie felt the hard objects inside his stocking, and excitedly went to open it. To his dismay, all that fell out were some small black pieces of coal. “What?” Morrie exclaimed, “Everything I did this year was good! How could I be on the naughty list when all my actions brought out the good in people?!”

Mr. Whittaker told Morrie that perhaps lying, deceiving, and locking other children in a room while threatening to kill them might not be as good as he thinks.

Suzu Rydell also received coal in her stocking and was equally dismayed, saying “No one ever got hurt! They were just games! We were helping them to be better, they just failed to see it.”


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