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Officer David Harley Comes Forward To Codemn Focus On The Family For Caving To Cancel Culture 32 Years Ago

ODYSSEY, USA – Today we were privileged to sit down for an exclusive interview with former Odyssey police officer David Harley. A full transcript of the interview can be read below.

SONN: So, Mr. Harley, you have come forward today to tell us your story.

David Harley: Yes. I am greatly disheartened by the actions of Focus on the Family way back in 1989.

SONN: And what were those actions?

Harley: Well, I present myself as the first victim of cancel culture. 30 years before it was popularized, Focus on the Family caved to cancel culture by writing me off their show and removing my episodes from airing on the radio.

SONN: And what is the point of coming forth after all these years?

Harley: I would like to make it publicly known how Focus on the Family treated me due to a few complaints from parents.

SONN: And how did this action affect your life?

Harley: Horribly! I’m still dealing with the consequences today. I found a job in Richland, but because my reputation preceded me, I never graduated from that chrome plated whistle to a sidearm and a patrol car.

SONN: Do you think you deserve compensation from Focus on the Family?

Harley: I’m not looking for money, I just want my story to be told. And I want people to know that ignorance of the law is no excuse!

SONN: Thank you Mr. Harley for sitting down with us today and giving us this exculsive story.

Harley: You’re welcome, and thank you for being willing to share my story.


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