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Jillian Marshall Attempts To Put Candles On The Christmas Tree, Burns Down House

ODYSSEY, USA – Today, firefighters were called to Kendall residence after a fire started there. The firefighters worked hard to put out the blaze, but it had already spread too fast, and the house was gutted.

In the evening, a resident at the house named Jillian Marshall was home alone decorating the tree. She gave us a statement, “I was just like uhh putting candles on the Christmas tree because it’s LITERALLY the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! As I was lighting those BEAUTIFUL candles, the tree started on fire. Then I grabbed a curtain and threw it on the fire to put it out. Turns out the fire just got bigger!”

The homeowner, Connie Kendall also gave a statement, “I’m just glad everyone is safe, and thankfully a lot of my important things were being kept safe and all my and my Mom’s pictures were digitized.”

As of this report, Jillian Marshall has disappeared, and we suspect she fled Odyssey.


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