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The Parkers Were Wasted Potential.

The most prominent Odyssey family. The second most prominent Odyssey child. Why did it all go to waste? This week’s Let’s Talk About: The Parkers.

The Parker family was created to be a significant family in the upgraded Adventures in Odyssey series. The first episode featured all of them within the first few minutes. It was promising to discover a new family, the next Barclays, Washingtons, or Straussbergs. The family continued to have hilarious hijinks. And another. And another. Before anyone knew what to do, this family had run their course three years, and, save a few episodes here and there, we had nothing but comedic stunts. His fellow family members were thrown to the same pile, some more than others, as you’ll read shortly. Halted by the several Ties that Bind storylines, they were left to their hijinks until 2019, which is to date the last full family episode release date. Matthew was introduced as the star character from day one. We learned about his search for how to use his talents. That’s where we’ll start today with what could have been with a family being faded out.

Matthew Parker– appearing in about 80 episodes, has been the forgotten character (as well as child) in almost all of them. He made headway in his own episodes, such as The Inspiration Station, Square One, and The Mystery of The Clock Tower. Emily, however, takes the prime role as the protagonist in all her Jones and Parker mysteries, undoubtedly the reason he left. This, along with his Inspiration arc, would have been an incredible series into which to delve. (Unfortunately left to the Rydells and, once again, Emily). If not falling to the deuteragonist position, he is an unfortunate side character. This isn’t necessarily unfortunate. However, the number of episodes this character bears makes this almost extortionate. There is so much potential in 80 episodes. So much more was done with Mandy, his pre-hiatus counterpart. We learned a ton on day one, but the writers kept going. Until the very last episodes, Mandy was a major character, which meant something. From being a kindhearted individual to her path on a career, her plays, her relationship, and her parents. If Matthew Parker was intended as a Mandy counterpart, he certainly didn’t live up to that potential. Fortunately, this is partly being remedied in Clubhouse magazines, but the actor has once again grown up, and as far as I know, is not being replaced. Poor Matthew. The last storyline will never be finished because of this. What is it? The one about Lucia Ortega’s cancer, and something the Odyssey team can feasibly do something about.

Lucia Ortega- We actually know very little about this Parker family member. This isn’t as audacious because so far, she’s only been in 12 episodes. Now in a post-TTB, six-episode world, a little bit of forgiveness is given to the writers for this one. But now is the time to seize the opportunity for this. Now am I letting this off the hook. Oh ho ho, you bet your silver buttons I’m not! Lucia comes in the first album, Grandma’s Visit, to be precise. We immediately learn that she strongly embraces and even enforces Mexican culture. In Clanging Cymbals…, we have a little snippet of Lucia’s early life. In a few albums, the 12-episode-album sand timer runs full, and we almost never hear her again. We could have learned about her home life, her marriage. We have heard of Lucia’s husband in almost every episode, but we don’t know who he is, how he died, or when he arrived. Suggestion writers: Lucia’s arc could be amazing, both her husband and her cancer’s arc. One more thought, Eva Parker, and how she was raised is one more thing we haven’t learned about them. As the last Parker (besides Olivia) standing, and with her original actor, this would be a monumental fix.

In conclusion, yes, I believe this family isn’t completely wasted. Olivia’s Faith episode arc was, of course, one of the best, and the best there’s been since TTB, as I’ve said. Camilla Parker fell at a sad and lonely place in the Club. Also not delved into enough, any solid storyline would be nice for her. Unfortunately, we will not likely see any of these put in effect as it’s been repeatedly stated the Parker episodes will fade and eventually go. is sad to see what could have been an iconic family used as comedy and haphazardly disposed of in pieces. Anyway,

From AIO Writer’s Block and myself, thanks for taking the time to read another rantish Let’s Talk About


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