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Connie Late to Work After First Snow of the Year

ODYSSEY, USA – Today, the first snow of the winter fell in Odyssey. On her way to work, Connie rode in her car and spun off the road. She totaled the red Prelude gifted to her by Mr. Whittaker at Christmas, years ago. Reportedly she was combing her hair and took both hands off the steering wheel. At that moment, she hit a patch of ice and veered off the road. She crashed into a snowbank and immediately called Mr. Whittaker to tell him that she would “be late again.”

After an hour and a half, a tow truck showed up to take her car to Wankel Automotive. Her car was “too far gone” according to Leon Wankel.

As of the release of this article, she is trying to hint to Mr. Whittaker that she needs a new vehicle with Christmas approaching.


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