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John Whittaker Files Lawsuit Against Focus on The Family For Defamatory Video Series

ODYSSEY, USA – Local business owner John Whittaker filed a lawsuit against Evangelical organization Focus on the Family. Reportedly, Focus obtained the rights from Whittaker to write a video series about Whittaker and his ice cream shop “Whit’s End.”

Whittaker is now in court with Focus on the Family’s lawyers because Whittaker sees the video series as “defamatory.” Whittaker stated “I was at least 50 pounds lighter in real life than those videos made me look! Now I’m at 150 pounds lighter than what you see in this picture,” as Whittaker motioned to a image from the videos where he looks to be 400lbs.

Focus’ lawyers are sure they can win this lawsuit as they had all the legal right to do the show, however Whittaker is reportedly investing millions of dollars into his lawyers for this trial. He is looking for a large settlement that would pay for the therapy Whittaker needed after having this inaccurate image of his body size be broadcast to hundreds of thousands of homeschool children.


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